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We are prepared to help you using our long-time experience interpreting in various situations, such as official events, meetings, negotiations, court sessions, interviews, medical receptions, training, seminars, conferences, etc.

We employ the best Finnish and Russian interpreters.

Order the services of Finnish and Russian simultaneous interpreters from us directly.

Save time and nerves, concentrate on solving the main tasks, and the translator will be responsible for effective communication and create a natural and friendly atmosphere for all participants in the conversation.

The task of a professional translator is to help interlocutors understand each other and fully, down to the smallest details and nuances, convey the message to the listeners.

We provide a full range of professional services of consecutive and simultaneous interpretation from English and Finnish into Russian and from Russian into English and Finnish and are ready to help you using our extensive experience in interpreting in various situations:

- Official translation in a notary office in St. Petersburg, in the registry office, in court, in the police, in the prosecutor's office, in the investigative committee, in a bank, at customs and in other government agencies, ministries and departments.

- Remote simultaneous and consecutive interpretation of negotiations, conferences, webinars (using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Telegram and similar programs)

- Calls to the tax office, banks, partners, suppliers, clients by phone/WhatsApp/Telegram

- Interpretation at conferences and seminars, during official events (simultaneous and consecutive)

- Interpretation at negotiations (consecutive and chuchoutage - whispered interpretation)

- Accompaniment on business trips

Consecutive interpreting

In such situations, the person who speaks makes pauses every 1 to 3 minutes so as to enable the interpreter to do his job. Consecutive interpreting requires no additional equipment.

Simultaneous interpreting

In this case, interpreting is done with the use of special equipment, the interpreter working from a translator's booth, interpreting simultaneously while the speaker proceeds without making any pauses. Listeners hear the interpreted speech in their headphones. Normally, there are two interpreters to a booth, one person being unable to simultaneously interpret non-stop for over a half hour. It is necessary to use special equipment (transmitter, receivers with headphones, translation booth, microphones) or a program for remote translation (for example, the paid version of Zoom).

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